Business training

October 8, 2019

Entreprenuership Tips for You

1. What does your business solve? Your business must be an answer to someone’s problem. Identify a need in the community. Solve a problem for people. Simplify their live. “Make something people want and sell that, or be someone people need and sell you.” ― Ryan Lilly 2. Think of multiple streams of income. “They say think outside the box. I say think without the box . Let your mind be free to think beyond, what human eye can comprehend. […]
March 3, 2017

CEBO Programme CEBO – Continuous Education for the Business Owner.

Kuza international is a consultancy and training firm that focuses on transforming lives through informing, empowering and supporting   micro, small and medium sized business to grow them into multinationals and global brands through training on well researched business skills and knowledge they need to  survive in this dynamic business environment. We train business owners on the skills they need to sustainably grow their business. Our trainings are based on experienced, well researched methodologies, tools and strategies that work within in […]