At Kuza International, sports organizations are enterprises that have the capacity to create viable and sustainable economic empowerment for their members.   The Sports consultancy programme is tailored toward meeting the management needs of these organizations by providing it with enterprise management solutions.
The sports industry has grown exponentially in the last  5 years. Kuza international helps sports organisations to develop their enterprises through the implementation of well-researched leadership and management tools.
The sports consultancy program will help organisations improve their management, streamline their operations and attract other investors or sponsors. We consult, train and implement  in these organisations on the below

  • lean management – streamlining operations
  • implementation of controls and management systems.
  • Organisation structure
  • Financial management
  • leadership
  • sports Marketing & technology
  • Brand
  • Event Management
  •  we also other related services such as
    • Finance system Audits
    • Marketing plan formulation and execution
    • and others

We work with the organisation to ensure that they achieve their desired objectives, we offer both on the job training or offsite training for the members.

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