The management consultancy programme is tailored towards meeting a specific business need of the organisation.  It aims to provide   Business solutions for the specific Challenges that the business is could facing. It is specific and targeted toward attaining already set goals for the customers.  Management consultancy gives customised solutions the meet the customers needs.

 Some of the  Management consultancy  services include:

  1. Legal  advisory 
  2. Accounting and tax services
  3. Lean management
  4. Planning, organisation  and controls
  5. Communication advisory  
  6. Human resource advisory
  7. Balanced scorecard
  8. Staff Developmental Programs
    1. Retirement & Entrepreneurship Training
    2. Lean Management training
    3. Sales Training
    4. Events & Networking Training
    5. Customer Experience training
    6. Finance for non-finance managers training
    7. Brand training
    8. Marketing training
    9. specific staff skills training

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