Where ever you are, in your place of employment or in your own business life is a lot easier when you are putting your strengths to work.
This means engaging most in the activities that strengthen you. This makes any activity fun, has positive results and you are enthusiastic when doing it.
To be effective you must build on your strengths and reduce your weaknesses

(From the book ‘Put your strengths to work’ by Marcus Buckingham)
You know you are strong in something when, when engaging in certain activities that
• You are effective in doing it. You always get the right results easily.
• You look forward to doing it and enjoy it.
• When you do it you are focused and inquisitive
• You feel are fulfilled after doing it.
The ingredients that create strength are
• Talents
• Skills – these are learned
• Knowledge – these are also learned
How to strengthen put your strength to work
• Identify how your strength can help you in your current job- which of your day to day activities do you enjoy and are good at focus on those.
• Look for ways that you can do the things you enjoy incorporate them in your day to day activities.
• Build your strength by learn new skills and techniques.
• Engage in activities around your strengths
How to reduce your weakness
• Stop doing the activates that weaken you and see if people notice
• Team up with someone who is strong in your weak areas.
• Offer to do activities that focus and involve your strengths steer your job towards your strengths and away from your weaknesses.
• Perceive your weakness from different perspective like things to improve on.

• You know the best job to take – it is the job whose activates revolve around your strengths (those activities you enjoy and are good at)
• Helps you be able to prioritise well, when you are overworked. You begin with the activities that strengthen you because you enjoy them you do them well and are enthusiastic then end with the activities that weaken you because take longer doing them, you are not effective in them and you don’t enjoy them.
• You avoid burn out when you are involved in activities that strengthen you because they revitalise you.
• Helps you know in which activities you can make the greatest contribution in the shortest time,
Always put your strength to work because the day will come when the risk it takes to remain tight in the bud will come more painful than the risk it takes to blossom.

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