It is a good season to change

Since the Covid 19 corona  Virus hit the world in December 2019 nothing has been the same, business  have had to change, our social life has changed, and our culture is now changing. Basic things that came so naturally  to us as part of our culture like a handshake, a hug we  have had to reconsider.

We are all anxious about how things will turn out. Will we defeat the Corona virus? How will our business, our economies, our customers, our employees  and employers  respond to covid 19 pandemic? Is there light at the end of this tunnel?   Where is the silver lining in this cloud?

We are at a cross road, this is the optimal time to change , to adapt  and to be better.

We need to look for the opportunities presented to us by the corona pandemic and take advantage of them to do things differently.

For example we can take advantage of  social distancing and self quarantine to  formulate strategies  for our business and lives.

  • We can take this time to  look at our  businesses  in relation to our mission, to check if we  are we still on the path to achieve what we set out to do in the beginning.  Do we  need  to change our business  model, to be more cost effective and more adaptive to the macro economic changes.
  • We can also take this time to look at our customers, Who they are, how the Corona pandemic has affected them and how can we change our business model to serve them better. We a can also  think   about the  new markets that we can  get into and how to get into those markets or how to reach, attract and maintain new customers.
  • We can also take this down time to evaluate our  employees, who they are and what their  contribution is  to our business. We can reflect on how have we helped our employees to grow during their time with us. and how has the pandemic affected them.  Most important we need to think about what  their  contribution will be towards the success of the business especially after the corona virus. Pandemic. and in the after the change.
  • Due to the low customer numbers during this time one can also do small  renovations, rearrangements within the business premise  without disrupting the business.

Change is the only constant in life and in this corona pandemic we and our  business have to change to adapt to the  new macro-economic  environment.


After we have thought out the changes that we or our business need to take. lets  look out for  our next blog that will take us through  the different ways that we can  institutionalize  change in  organizations.

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