Happy mothers day

To all mothers, we celebrate you during this coronavirus pandemic.  Keep safe and keep sane.

They are our unsung heroes with their many superpowers. Keeping us safe and feeling loved.  During this coronavirus pandemic every one has been requested to stay indoors.

The children who spent at least 8hrs in school 5 days a week are now in the house 24/7 and they are playing in the house disrupting every form of organization you had going on in the house. This can drive mothers crazy.

Not to mention that mealtimes have become more frequent, the laundry is more, the dishes have increased. You barely have time to your self,  time with your husband, or time for your business.

This can cause any mother stress, fatigue or depression. Below are tips you can ue.se to help you stay sane during this tim


  1. Start and keep a routine – Start and maintain a routine for the children, the fact that they are not going to school does not mean they can stay up till late. Maintain the children’s schedule let them sleep early.
  2. Maintain a schedule of activities for the children and the family including family playtime, children’s playtime.
  3. Try and engage the children in constructive activities, let them help you around the house if possible.
  4. Schedule time for your quiet time
  5. Schedule time alone with your husband.
  6. Schedule time in the day where you can be by yourself to do some work on your business.
  7. Don’t shy away from using machines to make work easier. Dishwashers, washing machines etc
  8. Always remember when you feel overwhelmed ASK FOR HELP. You will still be a super mum.
  9. Don’t forget to reward yourself or give yourself a pat on the back whenever you can. A scoop of ice cream, a small piece of cake you’ve earned it.

As mothers we go through so much and we give up a lot as we try to raise the children and keep our family together. We can easily forget ourselves during this time as we fight the corona pandemic please take a conscious decision to take care of yourself, both your physical and mental health.

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