This programme targets students in tertiary institutions, people already in business and those who want to get into a business.

The Emerging Entrepreneurs (E2) programme is a motivational programme that takes the form of forums, seminars and discussions groups. Our goal is to present entrepreneurship as a viable choice for employment among tertiary-educated youth,  and those who are unemployed.  It also provides an opportunity for those in employment who would like to start their own business to learn practical business skills they need to start their businesses. We use real-life case studies of successful entrepreneurs who ventured into business and made it.  They use their experiences as key learning points and inspiration to the emerging entrepreneurs.

The E2 programme aims to highlight the key elements of a good, practical business plan and guide the entrepreneurs’ thought process in choosing the right business for them, the research they need to do to identify their  industry, their chosen market and their customers, and defining the need they are meeting or anticipating to meet in the society. We aim to stimulate economic development through the promotion of business models that are based on the concept of value addition.

The growth phase of this programme involves integrating the participants of the E2 programme who take concrete steps towards starting their businesses into the CEBO programme.

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