CEBO Programme CEBO – Continuous Education for the Business Owner.

Kuza international is a consultancy and training firm that focuses on transforming lives through informing, empowering and supporting   micro, small and medium sized business to grow them into multinationals and global brands through training on well researched business skills and knowledge they need to  survive in this dynamic business environment.

We train business owners on the skills they need to sustainably grow their business. Our trainings are based on experienced, well researched methodologies, tools and strategies that work within in the East African dynamic business environment. These trainings are conducted in the form of seminars, workshops and group discussions.

The CEBO programme identifies and attempts to bridge knowledge gaps that exist for entrepreneurs. It uses economies of scale to make business support services available to them, which would otherwise out of reach for the entrepreneurs, available to them. Some of these support services include:

1. Legal services

2. Accounting services

3. Tax advisory

4. Marketing consulting

5. Communication advisory

6. Human resource advisory

7. Management consulting etc.

The programme  also offers specific training workshops on

  • Marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Customer experience and customer service techniques
  • Brand
  • Finance Management
  • Balanced score card
  • Accounting techniques
  • Taxation

The programme also aims to create a powerful network of business people through which they can grow by expanding their business to business clientele.

We also work with organizations to train their customers and to help them to adapt their businesses to new market demands, therefore, help them to grow their business sustainably into multinationals. We believe we are the best partner for you to transform the lives of your customers through our informative, innovative business training program.

We believe we are the best partner for you to transform the lives through our informative, innovative business training programs.



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